Just Here                           Ilse Morriss


Life’s a gas – you either laugh or choke on whether

it’s the cash – or just the evening news.

Just a flash – before they turn the lights off on your

final chance – to make your last excuse

We keep asking what’s the deal, I don’t think there’s a plan

And that’s the thrill – we just do the best we can


We’re - just here but noone asked us

So we make it up as we go along

We’re – just here with silly masks on

Playing hard to get – faking it


Life’s a ball – we kick and sometimes hit it home

we rise and fall - and question everything

Try to call - for help from God but He seems low

on love and all - delivery next spring.

Take the church for what it’s worth – politicians too

Pray for better times or let it be – it’s up to you


We’re – just here….


Life’s a bitch – but sometimes she’s so pretty she can

flip your switch – turn on your biggest smile,

make you rich – and take it all away till you jump

off a bridge – now, is it worth your while ?

When you strike the match to let your life go up in smoke

Don’t give up – just see it as a joke


We’re – just here….



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Jellyfish                              Wolfgang Kamm

The dragonship was sinking in the lake

The lighthouse-keeper made his first mistake

And so it was and so it goes - and no one knows

The maiden took the waiter by surprise

She took him by the hand and fed him pies

And soon he took her by the engine room

She rode his broom

Across the silent lake and through the wood

With rising speed just feeling good

Watch this great spirit move away - acceleration stay -

With me - there's something awfully wrong

With you - there's really nothing wrong

Within - love madness always makes its claim

For me - it has been really long

For you, you must be awfully strong

For certain I've been taught to take the blame.

As jellyfish are drowning in the air

The undertakers don't know what to wear

Sunflowers hiding from the day

Rewind and play

A life, a song, a game, a vote

In search of one discordant note

A doubt concealed with solemn coat

Sail in this leaky boat

With me - there's something awfully wrong.......

Don't fear a millstone cannot stop

A tear can be just any drop

I hear you giggle when I think of

Dragonships you bravely sailed with me

With me there's something awfully wrong.......

Stefan Maierhofer                                                Michelle


Michelle - oh mama - let your husband go on

While he speaks in Alabama - let's try Kamasutra page 21

Michelle - oh mama -  what does he mean to you?

So he arrives in Indiana - we arrive Kamasutra page 32

Michelle - oh mama - set your husband free

as he wins over Arizona - we reach Kamasutra page 43


Come over the ocean, my Bonnie, come over the sea pretty honey,

Deep inside I know you're clearly sure that you belong to me.


Michelle - oh mama - when does your aircraft arrive?

Let this fool seize Louisiana. let's scan Kamasutra page 65

Michelle - oh mama - gonna show you sensual pics

Take off your First Lady's pajamas - for Kamasutra, guess page 76


Come over the ocean, my Bonnie, come over the sea pretty honey,

Deep inside I know you're clearly sure that you belong to me

Oh yes you can....

Come over the ocean, my Bonnie, come over the sea pretty honey,

I know Deep inside you're clearly sure that you belong to me


Oh turn around and I'll be where ever you are

I'd bare my heart if you'd only promise to leave as much as a scar


We call ourselves the human race, but now and then the beast emerges

vanilla cream on your chocolate face keeps your skin young

chuck out your beauty case


Come over the ocean, my Bonnie.....