Ilse Morriss

Lead- and backing vocals,

acoustic guitar

Wolfgang "Lupus" Kamm

Lead- and backing vocals,

electric guitar

Jan Heintz

Drums, percussion, accordion, keyboard,

backing vocals, engineering

Stefan "Cicero" Maierhofer

Bass, backing vocals

The songs

tell about encounters, relationships, emotions and the world in all its diversity; thoughts expressed in poetic, cryptic, or sometimes just simple words - with arrangements and melodies that linger. Those who find pigeonholing helpful can try to imagine a medium sized chest filled with all sorts of carefully handcrafted pieces – some sandblasted and smooth, others  raw to the bone, but all made out of the best materials.  Guitars, bass, drums and vocals, garnished with the occasional keyboard condiment.

The band

founded in 1996, was lucky to obtain Mr. Adams' personal blessing to use the name before his much too early passing in 2001. It consists of one thoroughbred Danish- and three German beasts. All found on pastures in and around Munich, Germany.

The pics

Photos and editing by

Doris & Stefan Maierhofer, Kristine Kamm,

Markus Lenk and Simon Maennlein


Perfectly Normal Beasts

PNB Heintz, Morriss, Maierhofer, Kamm GbR

Herzogstr. 6

85302 Gerolsbach


Telefon: +49  8445 328471

Copyright © 2018 perfectly normal beasts 



PERFECTLY NORMAL BEASTS originate from Douglas Adams’ book “A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”, where they show up out of nowhere, thunder across the

prairie and vanish just as suddenly as they appeared. A fleeting phenomenon and a nice metaphor for everything transient. Or perhaps just … everything!